About Me

             Hello and thank you for visiting my page.

I have been a happy owner of Sherline equipment since 1998. I was educated as an Electrical Engineer but have worked writing software for deeply embedded microprocessor based systems for all of my professional career.  I originally bought Sherline equipment to rekindle my interest in machining.  When I was younger, and in High School, I went to vocational school and received my associate degree (1976) in the "Machine Tool and Die" trade after which I worked in for several years. After that I had the opportunity to go to college, but I never lost my interest and love for machining.

         In 2001 I started to play with attaching microprocessor controlled stepper motors to my lathe and milling machine to help facilitate my machining hobby. Over the years (up until 2007 and after 4 total redesigns and several different microcontrollers later) this blend of an electronics, software and machining hobby resulted in a small device that I found to be extremely useful and fun to use.

      After using this earlier 2-axis version of the  the unit (called TinyCNC) for awhile, I thought that I might be able to sell this version in the Fall of 2007. I had a little interest on E-Bay but, without buying parts in quality, I just could not make the unit cheap enough to break even. In the process, I realized that I really did not have an interest in manufacturing it anyway. I really felt that someone might find the unit as useful as I did and I did not want to just kill it so I finally decided I would learn how to go about creating a web page so that I could make that version of the  design available to individual hobbyist and such so that anyone could have the opportunity to learn a little about electronics and machining. That original webpage continued to exist until the Spring of 2023 when I took down that site.

  So, between that time (2007) and now (2023) I kept playing with the unit and kept creating more and more advanced versions of it. Now, after 2 more total redesigns and several different, more powerful microcontrollers later, I now have the current TinyCNC-II four axis controller that has much more functionality. 

    This webpage was created with my original goal in mind. So that I could make the design available to individual hobbyist, machinists clubs, electronics clubs or vocational schools and such so that anyone can have the opportunity to learn a little about electronics and machining and have fun in the process.

Thank You and Best Regards

David Q. R. Wagoner